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Ivana Valtanen Hassani

Born in Bergen 1997 My name is Ivana Hassani and my interests have huge variety within art, gaming, cosplaying, sfx makeup and much more.


I have been a proud member of Valhall Tattoo since November 2019 and finished my apprenticeship 2022 I tattoo in all styles of tattooing but my preference are geek designs like anime, comic/cartoon, video games, etc..

My passion for tattooing started very early, I saw my father get his first tattoo and the concept of drawing on people’s skin was so strange but also mind-blowing. I started playing as a tattoo artist at SFO when younger where I would draw very simple designs like stick figures and flowers on a sheet of paper and go around asking my classmates if they wanted a tattoo, I would then draw on their skin with a marker.
Now I’m finally pursuing my dream of working as a tattoo artist and creating people’s vision for their body modification projects!

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