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Silver Nordgård

Born 1997 out in fucking nowhere, Norway’s capital, Snåsa.

My hands are cold and my name is Silver Nordgård. I have a few interests which includes art, puzzle games, my baby bun bun Lucifer, plants and a few more.
I have been a proud member of Valhall Tattoo since January 2020, and finished my apprenticeship sometime in 2023. I tattoo in all styles, but prefer organic designs, and black & grey.

I studied both nursing and teaching at some point, but somehow ended up drawing on people for a living.
My interest in tattoos have also been heavily influenced by my older brother, who I considered to have a lot of tattoos at the time.
Now I’m working with my passion, and creating beautiful art people want on their bodies forever. Kinda cool if you ask me.

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